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Iron mortar - Italy - 17th century

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Antique and authentic iron mortar made in the 17th century. The item comes from a private villa in Milan (collector). Size: height cm 28.5, diameter cm 35.6, weight 53 kg. Rare for its dimensions and age. Lombard founder, Italy. Large bowl-shaped smooth flared body with a small round base. The diameter of the base is smaller than the one of the body. There is a marked groove, moulded with a horizontal rib. Well preserved. There is no pestle. Signs of wear on the inside. This large and smooth item has a homogeneous surface. Despite the fact that wooden and marble mortars already existed, to pound medicinal mixtures the ones in cast bronze or iron (like the mortar in the photos) were preferred. In good condition with signs of wear and tear of time.

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