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Triceratops head (Jurassic park movie)

  USD $34,000
  United States

All the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Lost World that are featured here were originally sculpted for Stan Winston Studios which built the robotic dinosaurs for the 3 JP films. These dinosaurs were made from the original molds, and are the only set for sale anywhere in the world. I had them built for a touring exhibition I built after consulting on the film, to raise money for dinosaur research, with Steven Spielberg's permission. They are made of silicone, urethane foam and fiberglass on an iron base.

Triceratops head 5 feet high and wide - closely resembles the actual horned dinosaur, which reached 30 feet in length and was common through the North America West 65 million years ago. $34,000 US (allow 2 months for delivery)

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