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  USD $6,500
  United States

Jeri Ledbetter, UCCELLO, Oil on Panel, 47.00 X 47.00 in, $6,500.00, Grey, White, Black, Abstract, contemporary, fine art, oil on panel

Jeri Ledbetter is inspired and compelled both by nature’s oddities and man-made structures. She is enthralled with the contrast of, and interplay between, industry and nature. Ledbetter lets her paint and pencil decide the course of her piece; she does not want the involuntary and free hand to be controlled by a plan and scheme. Through her work she embraces the accidental, the surprises.

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Artist Jeri Ledbetter
Type Paintings
Location United States
Width Unit inch
Length Unit inch
Width 47 (inch)
Length 47 (inch)
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