17th Century Floris Van Schooten Flemisch Large Antique Oil on Canvas Painting

  USD $55,821

Important rare antique painting Oil on canvas with attribution documentation issued on 1986 by the art historian specialized in Flemish painting Didier Bodart. The great ancient oil painting on canvas dating back to the first half of the seventeenth century is attributed to the Flemish painter Floris Van Schooten (1585-1656). The painting has all the characteristics of extreme pictorial precision of the Flemish type, is depicted a burlesque scene where several characters appear who are preparing to help the woman in the foreground while taking care of a banded kitten like a child. The characters are represented in an extremely realistic and complex manner, a very special subject but not new to the Flemish, Dutch and late sixteenth century early seventeenth century painters. The large dimensions make the scene even more characteristic, the viewer remains admired and involved in observing the multitude of details and the different characteristics of the characters. The painting has undergone a conservative restoration with canvas lining and frame. The large and beautiful golden frame in gold leaf of excellent nineteenth-century workmanship. Floris Van Schooten artist with high international prices. His paintings are also present at the Louvre museum. The painting is accompanied by a certificate of attribution. The painting comes from an important Italian private collection. The measures indicated are of the painting without frame with frame cm 238 x 154 Attention the export times of the painting can become longer because given the importance we will have to wait for export documents issued by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts. The waiting time can be up to a month to have the export documents of the painting. DATE OF MANUFACTURE circa 1620

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Artist Floris Van Schooten
Type Paintings
Location Italy
Width Unit cm
Length Unit cm
Width 154 (cm)
Length 238 (cm)
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Condition pre-owned