1958 daimler ferret tank

  United States

In 1949, the British military was in need of a replacement for their “Dingo” reconnaissance vehicle which had served them well but was getting on in age. They turned back to Daimler, the company responsible for the Dingo, to develop their new scout car. For the new vehicle, Daimler improved upon features that already worked well with the Dingo. A welded steel monocoque chassis was implemented and all of the drivetrain was enclosed inside the cabin for added protection. Like the Dingo before it, the Ferret features traditional rubber tires rather than tank-tracks, making the vehicle more maneuverable and faster on a variety of surfaces. The tires are also specially designed to be able to run flat in case of a puncture. Ferrets were powered by a Rolls Royce B60 4.2 Liter inline six making 130hp at a low 3750 rpm and featured 4wd with coil spring suspension. The Rolls Royce engine was tough and reliable and mated to a 10-speed gearbox (5 forward gears, 5 reverse). The Ferret was quick, maneuverable and tough and proved very popular with militaries around the world. Nearly 5,000 were built in a multitude of variants and remarkably stayed in service all the way up through the 1990’s.

This 1958 Ferret is in excellent condition and carries with it a great history. While still in England, the previous owner attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed with it where it was said to have received more attention than any nearby Ferrari. It is well equipped and still retains many original details such as helmets, radios, tools and the original Rolls Royce powerplant. Unlike traditional tanks, the Ferret is totally usable and can be registered for road use. The Ferret’s rubber tires and relatively small size make it an ideal choice for someone seeking their first collectible military vehicle. This Ferret was most recently part of the collection of a Daimler enthusiast who used it regularly and even built a complete replica turret that was fitted with paintball guns. The owners engineered a windscreen washer system to clean the glass in case you took a paintball hit. We can only imagine the stir this would cause at your local paintball field. The Daimler Ferret is a fascinating piece of British military history and a fascinating piece of engineering. It is ready to be enjoyed on or off road and would be welcome at a multitude of classic car or historic military events.

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Brand Other
Type Other Motors
Model Year 1958
Location United States
Model Daimler (Other)
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Condition pre-owned