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5 bottles - Karuizawa 2018 Spring Collection - The Five Beauties of Katsushika

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Karuizawa 2018 Spring CollectionThe Five Beauties of KatsushikaNot only did many exquisite Ukiyo-e paintings and outstanding craftsmanship were founded during the Edo period but it was also the era of Haiku poets. Many like-minded artists and poets flourished and one of the most famous is the Katsushika Hokusai as the founder of the Katsushika School.Yashima Gakutei is one of the most famous Ukiyo-e artists that can represent the Katsushika School. "Dye in the Dawn of Spring" is a set of five kinds of spring print patterns: freshly budded bracken, cherry blossom, butterfly, crow cawing on New Year's day, plum blossom as the theme of the work.This lot contains 5 bottles as below:Cherry BlossomDistilled:1999Bottled:2016Cask Type:SherryCask Number:671One of 394 bottles released61.3% ABV / 700mlCrow Cawing on New Year's DayDistilled:2000Bottled:2017Cask Type:SherryCask Number:2557One of 445 bottles released61% ABV / 700mlPlum BlossomDistilled:2000Bottled:2017Cask Type:SherryCask Number:512One of 447 bottles released59.5% ABV / 700mlFreshly Budded BrackenDistilled:2000Bottled:2016Cask Type:SherryCask Number:7497One of 522 bottles released61.4% ABV / 700mlButterflyDistilled:1999Bottled:2017Cask Type:SherryCask Number:6258One of 465 bottles released61.2% ABV / 700mlPlease be aware that this lot is shipped from Taiwan; therefore, possible import duty might be applied by your local custom.

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