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  United States

William McLure, ABSTRACT XIX, 36.00 X 30.00 in, $4,500.00

William McLure was born an artist. William’s kindergarten teacher recognized his talent and wrote his mother a note when William was 4 years old for her to recognize, support, encourage and nurture William in his creativity and said that one day he would be a famous artist. His talents have grown from there, to him now being a self-employed artist and interior designer. William graduated from The Southern Institute of Design, where he was active in the American Society of Interior Designers as a student. His artwork can evolve from realism, to drawings, to sketches, to abstract at any given moment, and many times being created in literal hours during long evenings at home.

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Artist William Mclure
Type Paintings
Location United States
Width Unit inch
Length Unit inch
Width 36 (inch)
Length 30 (inch)
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Condition new