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2019 Milan Fashion Week 19th February - 25 February

  USD $13,015

Price: Starting from Eur12,000 to Eur15,000

Inclusions: invitation to the show, approved by the fashion house directly

  • Cat 1: Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Botteha Veneta, Gucci, , Versace, Prada. Price: Starting from Eur12,000 to Eur15,000
  • Cat 2: all other designers Price: Starts at Eur8K

Booking process for all Fashion Week invitations: we will require full bio of the HNW guest (Name, occupation, city, company they work for/own, age, other details they are keen to share) + full payment (once we confirm the price of the invitation).

If your guests are keen to build a programme or hospitality package around Paris or Milan Fashion Week (hotel, chaufeured service, private tours, dining experiences...), we can design a bespoke experience for them and we require a Eur1,000 deposit to start working on the bespoke experience .

New York, London, Milan, and Paris: four cities whose names are synonymous with major style and fashion. The fashionable locales are meccas for shopping and spotting the latest trends, and this September, the cities once again take center stage as they each host their respective womenswear fashion weeks.

The New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks are the four major fashion weeks in the world, taking place twice a year,:debuting the fall/winter collections in February/March, and showcasing the spring/summer collections in September/October. Just like years past, the upcoming season promises captivating fashion and amazing parties and events, with each city focusing on their own specialty.

While some decide which fashion week to attend based on their personal style, a true fashion lover and connoisseur makes time for each event on their calendar, in order to truly get inspired by all the unique styles. To many, New York Fashion Week is seen as showing trendsetting collections that are often commercial, London Fashion Week as showing innovative and avant-garde collections, Paris as the reigning city for haute couture shows, and Milan is for those who crave beauty and pieces that are works of art. The truth is, each city has their own flair that can be seen through their shows during Fashion Week. They all share some remarkable qualities, assembles some of this generation's most prolific designers to introduce their new lines, which will no doubt be seen on the streets in the months to come.

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