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The NAPOLEON was a 90-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, and the first purpose-built steam battleship in the world. She is also considered the first true steam battleship, and the first screw battleship ever. Launched in 1850, she was the lead ship of a class of 9 battleships, all built over a period of 10 years. This class of ship was designed by the famous naval designer Henri Dupuy de Lôme. France as a part of the alliance of the British, Ottoman Empire (now Turkey), and the Kingdom of Sardinia (Italy’s precursor) fighted against Russia, despatched the Napoleon to participate in the Crimian War (1853 - 1856). Although still combining the steam engines with a sailing rig, she marked the end of sailing battleships in the world.

Highlights about Napoleon model ship:

• This model ship is entirely handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen, using the plank on frame construction method

• No kits are use

• Anchors, guns, decorations, and other intricate details sculpted of metal

• Meticulously sewn sails, keep shape and do not wrinkle

• Use high-quality wood such as rosewood, ebony, black wood, mahogany wood.... , timbers are after process step of pre-construction.

• The Napoleon model ship is built on scale by the original plan, then drawn up and painted by actual photographs to ensure the best accuracy.

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