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Fabio Dal Boni (The Heart, inch40x60)

  USD $3,500
  United States

This is the "Heart", the very first subject that inspired Fabio Dal Boni's art, gave origin to a "Heart" series in different colors, and was chosen as a symbol in promoting numerous fundraising events for heart disease research in the Usa. In fact, it is a rock formation that, if photographed in a certain way and with a certain light, it very much looks like a human heart. Fabio Dal Boni's art is a mix between new pop art and fine art photography. It has a magical luminescence and an incredible 3-D effect with stunning details. It is the result of his continuous quest to find those supernatural colors that he perceives when looking at the world -- a mix of dancing creatures of light in red, green and blue. To capture them, Dal Boni uses a new art medium that mixes photography, drawing and paint, and experiments with different old-school and digital instruments. His art is realized on aluminum slates.

Size inch 40x60

Shipping worldwide.

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Artist Fabio Dal Boni
Type Photography
Location United States
Width Unit inch
Length Unit inch
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Condition new