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XCOR Space Expeditions offers spaceflights in XCOR Lynx Mark I, reaching the edge of outer space at an altitude of 60 kilometers. The Lynx Mark II reaches the internationally recognized boundary of suborbital space, more than 100 kilometers above Earth. The flight path for both spacecraft is similar and equally exciting.

PRE-LAUNCH PROTOCOL Unlike all other previously developed spacecraft, including the Space Shuttle, XCOR Lynx is equipped with an independent takeoff and landing system. The ship’s four revolutionary rocket engines can be shut down and restarted in-flight at any time. There are no disposable carrier rockets or landings at sea. Lynx simply departs from the runway at any spaceport, and glides back to a runway on return. You will find yourself sitting next to the pilot. The four engines start. Your space voyage with XCOR Space Expeditions has begun.

  1. LAUNCHED LIKE A BULLET Astronauts say there is nothing that rivals the sensation of being launched from a rolling start. Within one minute, you will break the sound barrier. As you ascend you will see the Earth’s surface morphed into swaths of color while pressed into your seat. You are experiencing the thrill of the trip of a lifetime.

  2. MACH 3: SPYPLANE TERRITORY You feel the enormous acceleration caused by the four powerful rocket engines on our spacecraft Lynx. Soon you reach Mach 2.9. Only a handful of CIA and KGB pilots know what’s it like. So will you as you rocket into suborbital space.

  3. ENGINE CUT-OFF: PERFECT SILENCE One moment it’s all roaring rocket engines, G-forces and vibrations. The next: perfect silence, unlike anything you have experienced on Earth. Astronauts say this is one of the most profound moments of spaceflight.

  4. INSTANT WEIGHTLESSNESS At engine switch-off, you are weightless. An extreme sensation as you float above earth.

  5. 103 KM, PAST THE KÁRMÁN LINE You’re in suborbital space and officially an astronaut. 6 Minutes of enjoying Planet Earth as only 500 people have done before. This bucket list moment is one that few have ever achieved.

  6. THE PULL OUT MANEUVER While returning into the Earth’s atmosphere, Lynx pulls 4 G's in order to reduce speed. Only 20 seconds but truly, not a picnic.

  7. ON THE WINGS OF AN ANGEL Enjoy the view during the 40 minute glide back to Earth.

  8. WING CEREMONY After your return, XCOR Space Expeditions will award you your astronauts wings in the company of your personal guests.

XCOR Space Expeditions offers six exciting programs: The Pioneer, the Founder Astronaut (sold out), the Future Astronaut, the Advanced, the Iconic and the Rookie Astronaut program. You can find out more about each of our space programs

OUR HERO: XCOR LYNX XCOR Lynx is a remarkable spacecraft. We offer a seat aboard the Lynx Mark I and Lynx Mark II for the ultimate space experience: Be part of the mission, not just a passenger!

Lynx carries only two people; the pilot-astronaut and you, the spaceflight participant, in the right seat. You are in the best seat, up front with the action, watching every moment of the spaceflight unfold. You are truly part of the mission, not just cargo. This also means that you will be given a suitable “call sign,” a pilot nickname.

A GIANT CANOPY We understand that you did not travel this far to look at the Earth through a tiny airline window. The Lynx cockpit canopy offers a nearly 360 degree view from above, making it the most impressive theater on—or off of—Earth. Space tourism will be changed forever.

LYNX IS SELF-PROPELLED Lynx is unique compared to all other forms of spaceflight. Its four powerful rocket engines propel it right from the runway. In Lynx the experience starts immediately from T=0. You are supersonic in one minute, and Mach 2.9 at T+180 seconds.

LYNX IS SIMPLE The Lynx design is simple, which makes it safer and economical. This enables us to offer well-priced tickets, and make space accessible to many more people than ever before.

LYNX IS TRULY REUSABLE A lot of thought has gone into building an environmentally friendly spacecraft. Lynx is constructed of lightweight materials, and powered by reusable rocket engines, which run on kerosine and liquid oxygen. Lynx rocket engines are designed for thousands of flights, a true breakthrough in the history of rocket development.

LYNX IS UNIQUE After reaching maximum altitude, Lynx glides back to Earth. One of the unique characteristics of Lynx is that the pilot can choose to switch the rocket engine on and off during flight, a singular advantage in terms of flexibility and flight safety.

IT IS A SCIENTIFIC PLATFORM Lynx will carry out scientific programs on almost every flight. So while you are enjoying a life-changing experience, you may also contribute to scientific research which benefits all of us. For more information on XCOR's scientific programs and payload capabilities click here.

LYNX FACTS Length: 27.9 feet / 8.51 m Wingspan: 24.0 feet / 7.3 m Height: 7.22 feet / 2.2 m Crew: 2 (incl. pilot) Propulsion: 4 x XR-5K18 Liquid Fueled re-ignitable rocket engines Max. thrust: 11,600 lbs Canopy surface: 45.2 ft2 / 4.2 m2

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