Zenith 1914 Gradua twin 650cc 2 cyl sv 2603

  USD $27,830

The 1914 Zenith range consisted of three V-twins in 654, 770 and 988 cc capacities.
The 496 cc single was still listed but in December 1914 "The Motor Cycle" reported that the company had almost given up manufacturing this model owing to the popularity of the V-twins. Perhaps the last batch of singles was a War Office order of one hundred practically standard 3 ½ HP machines, executed within 3 weeks.
All models were available with either direct belt drive with Gradua gear or a countershaft in front of the engine and chain and belt drive.
The separate countershaft raised the price of a machine by about 10% but gave the luxury of a kick-starter.
This smart looking machine has been restored some years ago and is fitted with Bosch magneto and Binks carburettor.

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Type Road
Location Netherlands
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Condition pre-owned