7 Quick Facts About Mercedes-Benz G-Class


There’s a reason why the G-Class is a must-have for car enthusiasts. Whether it’s the vehicle’s sleek exterior, its ability to withstand even the harshest conditions, or the fact that the G-Class epitomizes elegance and edginess at the same time, this car has been a fan favorite for 35 years. Here are 7 quick facts about this off-roading luxury SUV.


1. The G-Class Has a Great Legacy Behind It

When Mercedes-Benz introduced the G-Class to the world in 1979, they strictly made it to be an off-road vehicle. 33 years after it emerged onto the scene, almost no changes have been made to its exterior styling, even though the German luxury car manufacturer releases a special edition of the vehicle every 5 years. Two months ago, Mercedes- Benz celebrated 35 years of this model with a special “Edition 35” version for the G350 BlueTEC and G500 models.

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2. The G in “G-Class” stands for Geländewagen (or “cross country vehicle”)

The ruggedness of the G-Class is what makes it a popular vehicle in battle. Not only is this badass car filled with 50 liters of hot wax to resist corrosion, its windows were strategically designed to be easily replaced by a local glass shop in case you would’ve broken them in some over the top expedition. Currently, militaries across 39 countries in the world rely on the vehicle’s ability to withstand harsher conditions.

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3. There’s a G-Class 6×6 (yes, a 6-wheeled vehicle)

As if the ruggedness of the 4×4 G-Class wasn’t enough, Mercedes-Benz came out with the G63 AMG 6×6, adding an extra rear axle and pickup bed behind the cabin to create a six-wheeled “love child of a Hummer H1 and a Chevrolet Avalanche.”  It’s easy to imagine that the ultra-luxury, 544-horsepower, 560 pound-feet of torque will be a blast to drive through a desert in Dubai.


4. You Can Travel the Distance from the Moon and Back in a G-Class

A German couple put around 850,000 kilometers on their Mercedes Benz 300GD in 1988. That’s the distance from the Earth to the moon and back, plus another 80,000 kilometers. The 4×4 is now displayed in the classic cars section in the Mercedes- Benz museum.

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5. The G-Class is one of Mercedes’s longest running models 

The only Mercedes-Benz in Daimler’s history that beats the G-Class in its 35- year life span is the Unimog– and the legacy will continue: this model is expected to be in production until at least the year 2020.


6. Celebs Love this Car

The perfect combination of edginess, sophistication, and class is what makes the G-Class an absolute favorite among celebrities. Megan Fox, Emma Roberts, Joel Madden, Kanye West and, of course, his gorgeous wife (below) are just a few names that own this luxury vehicle.


7. Hollywood Producers Love this Car

This luxury vehicle isn’t just tackled by soldiers in war or the paparazzi on Rodeo Drive, the G-Class has also been featured in many Hollywood movies. Fast & Furious, A Good Day to Die Hard, and The Bourne Supremacy are just a few names of the blockbuster films that the car has been featured in. The G-Class is also expected to be casted in Jurassic World and Fast & Furious 7.