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Luxify has been acquired by My fashion Republic Group and the marketplace is being rebuilt

Luxify will remain a unique Marketplace for buying and selling luxury goods from the top brands.

We will continue to provide a unique online marketplace for new, vintage and pre-owned luxury goods. Members, both individuals and businesses, can still buy and sell a variety of luxury goods. Luxify was Hong Kong's first online marketplace to buy and sell luxury goods and the website used to have over 15 lifestyle categories but today focus mainly on designer handbags, luxury watches and jewelry. A lifestyle section will remain accessible for other categories.

As of September 2019, the website has been acquired and is pivoting its distribution model to be the "merchant of record" with dropshipment. Over 22,000 luxury dealers from all over the world are already using the Marketplace. Luxify has now offices in Sydney, Singapore and London..
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Luxify Bespoke Concierge Service

High quality, highly tailored luxury concierge services to private individuals and corporate organizations all around the world.

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Luxify is the leading luxury marketplace to find and discover luxury experiences for sale.

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