How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

how much to spend on an engagement ring

It’s very exciting to be with your special someone. You’ve shared so much together, and now you both want to make it ‘official’. So you go shopping for an engagement ring. But how do you decide how much to spend on an engagement ring? You may have family and friends telling you how much is too much, or not enough, but how do you come to that conclusion yourselves?

how much to spend on an engagement ring

First things first! You decide how much to spend on an engagement ring, and tell family and friends to wait and see. You needn’t mention engagement rings to anyone before buying them – the final decision as to what rings you buy rests with you and your partner alone.

For inspiration, how does a 1.33 karat “G” color VVS1 diamond ring sound to you? Or perhaps you’d prefer something entirely different in an Art Deco engagement ring? For something truly vintage, try Luxify’s Art Deco Late Victorian diamond ring or another that is set with rubies.


Engagement Ring Fashions Change but Diamonds are Forever.

Keep in mind that engagement rings have changed over the centuries. Beautiful solitaire diamonds are still very popular, but diamonds in colors and surrounded by other beautiful stones are in vogue.

Now you can wear diamond rings that have floral accents, colors in yellow, pink or chocolate, square bands or mixed metal haloes, colorful accent stones, vintage designs or classic rose gold. There are many options to choose from.


So How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

This question is best answered by the two people planning to marry. Although it’s dramatic to surprise your partner with a ring, perhaps it makes more sense to talk it over first. You may be amazed the responses you receive, and it could make all the difference to how much you’ll spend on an engagement ring.

Couples these days are getting married later in life than ever before, and that’s not all that’s changing. It’s increasingly likely that women will be shopping for engagement bands for their partners, male or female.

how much to spend on an engagement ring

What’s more, it may not be a huge priority for people to sport a big, shiny diamond for all the world to see. Many people are coming out of college and grad schools loaded with student debt. The last thing they want to do is to make that debt even worse. Many couples are in their 40s and 50s, and an expensive diamond ring isn’t typically on their radar either.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment. It doesn’t have to put you in debt for years to come. There will be so many things you’ll want to buy to start your new life – starting off with the right ring at the right price is the best thing to do.

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Three Months’ Salary

According to some, you should spend about three full months’ salary on an engagement ring. This has been a rule of thumb for some time now. If it doesn’t fit into your financial picture, make your rule!


One-or-Two-Months’ Salary

The idea of gauging an engagement ring price by using a one-month salary comes from the Depression Era. That kind of thinking is still very prevalent today and for good reason. Beautiful rings can be found in lower price bands.


Split the Difference

If three-months’ is too much and one-month not enough you can meet in the middle. This is a big help in not wrecking your finances! It may still feel like a lot of money, however … because it is. Still, sharing the cost will make it more manageable for both sides and is an excellent way to cement a mutually-beneficial, loving and sharing relationship.


The Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World vs. The Right Ring

If money is no object, then you can opt for some of the most expensive engagement rings in the world. Celebrities worldwide have led the way with some of the most glittering pieces of jewelry you’ll ever see.

There’s a 16-carat emerald-cut diamond that belongs to Angelina Jolie for a mere $250,000. Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, was given his mother Diana’s 12-carat sapphire ring surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds set in 18-carat white gold. A ring like that will cost you about $500,000.

how much to spend on an engagement ring-Angelina Jolie

how much to spend on an engagement ring-kate middleton

The most expensive engagement ring in the world is the Blue Diamond ring by Bvlgari and was sold in April 2013 for $9.49 million. This spectacular ring is comprised of a 5.30 karat Blue Diamond. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare, accounting for only 1% of diamonds mined all over the world.

how much to spend on an engagement ring-blue diamond

Go ahead and have a look at what women say right here.

Ultimately, your the final decision maker of how much to spend on an engagement ring.

That decision may be best when made together.


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