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1964 Morane Saulnier ParisJet MS 760 IIB

Posted by Raptor Aviation

11 May, 2020

1964 Morane Saulnier ParisJet MS 760 IIB


#### Airframe[#](javascript:void(0))

1964 Morane Saulnier MS760 IIB
Total Hrs approx. 3740 hrs
SN 108
Location: KRVS Tulsa, OK
Former RLS flying school aircraft, damage history from that period in time. Imported to the USA in 1970s and privately flown since that time. Plane last flew approx 2009 and last annual in 2010.

#### Engine(s) / Prop(s)

**Left motor**
Turbomeca Marbore 6C
943 hrs SMOH
307 hrs Since HSI with fresh turbine blades and new outer combustion chamber
Recent borescope - no significant findings

**Right motor**
Turbomeca Marbore 6C
1693 hrs SMOH
525 hrs Since HSI
Recent borescope - cracks in approx 3 turbine blades and stators requiring repair

#### Avionics

FCS 810 A/P
GPS Gx-55
Dual nav/comm with GS (Collins)
Altitude alerter

#### Additional Equipment

Updated panel
Bucket front seats
Americanized and streamlined switches
Annunciator panel on glareshield
De-ice boots on wings and horizontal stab (Vertical stab missing)
Bendix FCS 810 Autopilot
Leading Edge tanks
Long nose
Lead acid battery mod
Conversion from yokes to sticks
A/C and Pressurization

#### Exterior

White with Grey and Maroon
Good condition

#### Interior

Nayak conversion to bucket front seats with rails
Maroon with Grey
Good condition
O2 conversion to GA system

#### Inspection status

Currently undergoing IRAN with thorough corrosion checks, wing bolt NDT, replacement of fuel and air lines in wing root, stripping and reseal of de-ice boots, and airframe inspection. Borescope inspection of Right motor revealed cracks to approx. 3 turbine blades and stators requiring repair. Plane will come with editable Microsoft Word Document with 2 Phase inspection program with updated language and manual references.

ADs - all ADs in compliance

Logs - Plane comes with complete logs as well as maintenance manuals, historical documents, previous phase inspection reports, and historical oil analysis

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