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Fouga Package

Posted by Raptor Aviation

11 May, 2020

Fouga Package

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The TZUKIT (IMPROVED FOUGA) is the standard trainer of the Israel Air Force (IAF) since 1980\. It is a fully modified version of the CM-170 FOUGA, designed to meet the IAF requirements. The upgraded aircraft has been optimized for maximum flight and maintenance efficiency.


The TZUKIT aircraft is a multi-mission improved trainer. The aircraft has a single mid-wing, two cockpits in tandem, three-point landing gear, V-shaped tail assembly and carries its engines in the wing roots. This aircraft is used for primary, basic and advanced training and can also be used for light bombing and ground support missions.


* Overall length 10.05m
* Overall height 2.80m
* Wing span with wingtip tanks 12.15m
* Wing span without wingtip tanks 11.33m
* Wing area 17.30m Wing
* Leading Edge Sweepback 13°
* Trailing Edge Sweepback 0°
* Maximum Take-Off Weight 3,400 kg
* Empty Weight 2,157 kg
* Maximum Limited Space (at no less than 0.75 mach) 400 Kts Ceiling Altitude 25,000 ft


* Number of Engines 2
* Type Marbore VI
* Maximum Sea Level Static Thrust at Take-Off 480kg (each)
* Fuel Capacity
- Main (front) 255 lit
- Main (AFT) 475 lit
- Tip Tanks 125 lit
- Maximum Fuel Capacity 980 lit


The cockpits of the TZUKIT are designed for greater training effectiveness. These cockpits offer more space, better man-machine interface and an advanced instrument panel providing more pilot comfort, convenience and safety.


The TZUKIT is supplied with a Marbore VI-P turbo jet engine. The engine includes:

* A single stage, single intake, centrifugal compressor
* Single stage axial turbine
* Centrifugal fuel injection
* One annular combustion chamber
* Maximum engine revolutions 21,500 RPM
* Idling speed on ground 6,500 RPM
* Maximum sea level static thrust 1,060 lb (480 kg)
* Static thrust at idling RPM 44 lb (20 kg)
* Weight of one engine (including jet pipe and accessories) 387.2 lb (176 kg)


The automatic starting system of the TZUKIT has shows a reduction of abortive starts, part of which are with engine flame out and reduction of unnecessary workload on trainees.


The TZUKIT fuel system gives better filtration and has more capacity as a result of the following:

* Replacement of pump
* Replacement of filter with pop-out model
* Replacement of tank filling caps including under and overpressure valve in fuselage tank
* Improvements in isolation valve for pressurization
* Replacement of dump and drain valves
* Replacement of piping fittings by wigo-flex type fitting
* New electrical valves or automatic starting


The new LOX system installed in the TZUKIT is noted for its safety, easy maintenance and reliable operation.


 Red strobe lights with intensity of 140 candle power and a rate of flash - 100 per minute
 Prevention of cockpit illumination by:
 Locating the back lamp properly
 Painting of wing-tip tanks with absorbing paint

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