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Posted by FBC London

13 May, 2020




Glazed Ceramic
Unique piece

This intriguing ceramic sculpture explores the challenges of complex arrangements of clay. A mixed of glossy and dry glazes is fired numerous times to provide coarse and smooth effects. Indeed, the aim of this practice is to generate beautiful forms in the most bizarre manner to aid the appreciation of life's absurdities where things don't always make sense. Pollinating Creature transports the viewer away from the mundane and create a feeling of awkwardness, where its static form can seem alive.


170mm H x 240mm D
6.70in H x 9.45in D

Ceramic artist TESSA EASTMAN was born in London in 1984. From 2002-2007, she worked in London and France as an assistant to renowned British ceramicist Kate Malone. Eastman has been teaching since 2005 at Heatherley's Art School, one of London's oldest independent art schools. She set up her first studio in 2005 in West London in an Old Gas Works building. In 2015, she joined Manifold, a collective studio based under an East London railway arch and founded in 2010 by a group of emerging artists and designers from The Royal College of Art.

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