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Aston Martin Unveils Its Luxury Submarine

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31 March, 2020

Aston Martin Unveils Its Luxury Submarine

Aston Martin is known for its luxury sports cars that you can also find on Luxify. Still, it seems that the company with decades of experience and technological accomplishments behind it has grown tired of manufacturing automobiles.


Why do we say that? Because this giant of the automotive industry has just revealed plans for creating an ostentatious submarine. And this will come as a limited edition as soon as 2018.


The premium Aston Martin submarine will be built through a collaboration with the notorious manufacturer of submersible vehicles, Triton.


It has been predicted that the submarine will cost somewhere in the range of $4 million. Due to its price, Aston Martin let us know that only 12 of them will be built and subsequently sold. It’s yet unclear whether a dozen will be sold per year or overall.


The Design


The submarine will be made with luxury in mind, and judging after the visual renditions presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, we can say that it’s nothing short of breathtaking.


If you’re familiar with Aston Martin’s Valkyrie sports car, you can picture its hood on a futuristic-looking case of chrome and sparkling black metal. In fact, the Aston Martin VP, Marek Reichman, announced that the Valkyrie is the blueprint for the submarine.

The “Project Neptune,” as it’s called at the moment, will be able to carry three people. The submarine looks similar to a crab’s claw, from what we’ve gathered from the pictures that Triton and Aston Martin released until now.

Photos can be found all over the Internet because it’s been struck with the furor that the announcement created in Monaco.

Technical Details


The details concerning the components are scarce at this stage. Apparently, its maximum speed will be 3.4 miles/h, and it will withstand the pressure up to 500 meters. It’s not much, but when you’re in such an elegant submarine, it’s more than enough.


It will probably be used for strolls through the ocean rather than deep-sea exploration, anyway.


We also know that it will have enough fuel to stay to a depth of 500 meters for half a day. What the manufacturers want to do with the Project Neptune is basically to combine the comfort and luxury of Aston Martin sports cars with the diving capabilities of Triton’s submersible vehicles.

It appears that the result won’t be just a fabulous-looking submarine, but also the absolute lightest in the world. Rumor has it that it weighs more than 8,000 pounds and gets to be 5.9 feet in height. Thus, this would make it the smallest, too, at least the smallest 3-person submarine.


Even though it’s in the project stage right now, it will supposedly hit the market in 2018.


The Target Customers


Evidently, only the elite of the world will be able to afford this. But then again, both manufacturers involved in creating it informed newspapers that this submarine won’t be for anybody.


It will be a high-end accessory for the super-rich. So, if you’re looking for a submarine for sale, you just have to wait a bit more for it

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