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A Complete Guide To Renting A Self Storage Unit

Posted by Luxify

31 March, 2020

A Complete Guide To Renting A Self Storage Unit

A storage unit is the ideal place to store some items that you don’t need right away. The facility will make sure that your belongings are safely stored, and they are protected from factors such as the weather or rodents. If you are planning to rent a storage unit you must prepare. Here are some tips that should help you

Compare facilities

With a simple online search you should find a list of options for self storage staten island. Once you do this you should begin comparing them. Take into account all important factors such as price, size, conditions, locations and security.

Usually the price goes up if you choose a larger unit and if you require better security. For example, a facility which has both in-person surveillance and video camera surveillance will cost more than a facility that has just video-camera surveillance.

Most importantly, you should know that the price can be negotiated usually. There are always some discounts of promotions available, you just need to know how to as for them. There are also discounts for those who want to rent a unit for a longer period of time.

Outdoor or indoor

When you choose a unit you should also decide whether it will be an outdoor one or an indoor one. The outdoor units are similar to garages, and you just need to go to the door and store your items. On the other hand, indoor units are placed inside a building, which makes them a bit safer.


Packing is an essential stage. Remember that you are packing for a storage unit, which means that you should use packaging materials. Buy cardboards, boxes, plastic sheets and bubble wrap. If you have fragile items, make sure that you keep them extra safe with a lot of bubble wrap.

You should also use labels for everything. You might know what is in a certain box now, but when you will return to the storage unit you won’t be able to find what you need right away unless it is labelled. You should also create an inventory. Write down a list of all the items stored there. This way, nothing will be misplaced or lost.


You must decide from the start whether you need climate control. If your items are more delicate, extreme temperatures could affect them. This happens when it comes to artwork or photos for example. This is also a decision that you should take based on the area in which you live in.

Leave some space

When you organize your belongings you need to make sure that you have left some space as well. You need to access all the items in the room easily.

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