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Going in Blind - A Starter's Guide to Buying Blinds and Curtains

Posted by Enguerrand Vidor

31 March, 2020

Going in Blind - A Starter's Guide to Buying Blinds and Curtains

Deciding to revamp your blinds and curtains is an exciting task, but it comes with many considerations. The windows are naturally the hero of any room, so it’s important that your blinds and curtains complement the space perfectly. It’s not as easy as choosing blinds or curtains – there are many variations to each option. If you don’t know where to start, follow our guide to better blinds and curtains by factoring in these decisions.

Functionality first

Your blinds and curtains serve a purpose, so never commit to anything that is complicated in design. It may very well become the bane of your existence. You also want something that will solve a problem for you. If you have a living space with too much light streaming in, you would buy blackout curtains. Blackouts are easy to use, and have the dual function of keeping the light out of your eyes, and saving your furniture and carpet from being bleached by the sun. Contrastly, you may want an option that will soften the space, in which sheer curtains are the best option. It can be tempting to choose the intricate designs, you know the ones with the tassel pull that can only be tugged on a particular angle – but save yourself the headache and put functionality first.

Mixing styles

If you are unsure on the protocol, it’s completely fine to mix styles when it comes to your blinds and curtains. Curtains may be a perfect fit for your open living spaces, but blinds may look best in the bedroom. Provided they are not too many styles put forward, you can mix both offerings quite liberally throughout your home. In saying that, you probably don’t want to do so with more than three styles as your home might start to look more like a curtain showroom.

Choosing the right colour

The decision process always rolls smoothly until you have to make a decision on colour. It’s so hard to figure out what colours you want, and what colours you think you should exclude. Depending on the room in question, you can choose varying colours for each unique space. The living space will likely need a neutral colour so you can let the decor be bold, and then play around further with artwork and textures. For the bedroom and other spaces you can experiment a little with colour, just remember that trends do change and those bright red blinds may not be such a good idea in the winter months.

Quality is key

Above all else, quality should be what you strive for when securing your new blinds and curtains. If they are not of a reputable brand or make, chances are you will be here again soon – weighing up your options for a second time. Most providers will give you samples and let you see and touch their goods in action before choosing – this is always worth considering. Also make sure you understand what the fittings and hardware look like. We tend to fall in love with the look and fabric, without considering whether the cords and clasps are plastic or metal and work with the space.

Understand the maintenance

Like anything worth owning, care is needed to maintain the item. The same goes for your curtains and blinds. Understand the maintenance procedures before you select your choice, as this may impact your decision. Regular maintenance may be acceptable within yourlifestyle, or perhaps the blinds are for an investment property and you don’t want to pass on that headache to a tenant. Choose blinds or curtains that have maintenance cycles you can manage.

There isn’t really a wrong option with blinds and curtains, anything can be complemented or dominated in your decor and home styling. Try and keep an objective eye and make sure functionality and quality are high on your list of considerations.

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