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How To Add Luxury To The Contents Of Your Handbag

Posted by Luxify

31 March, 2020

How To Add Luxury To The Contents Of Your Handbag

If you have the luxury handbag but desire the accessories and contents to match, then this guide to adding decadence to your clutch is going to help you ooze style and taste. Luxury is very much in the detail, and you have every opportunity to add the finishing touches to the likes of your makeup and makeup case, sunglasses, mobile phone, purse, and keys. Luxury should encompass finding and buying the pieces you love, without exception. Bear in mind, that your bag should hold summer essentials among the likes of a natural beeswax lip balm and a foundation/concealer touch up that boasts at least SPV 15.

Mobile Phone

You use your mobile on a daily basis, so it should be both fashionable in appearance as well as protected from damage. Add classic glamor to your phone by keeping the case sleek in design. You can opt for embossed leather Samsung cases, or even ones that come in vegan leather. If you’re interested in more ornate designs, then consider adding a splash of luxury to your handbag by having a phone case that’s made to look like a wallet in a glittery pattern or embellished with glimmering crystals. Ensure that your mobile is covered by insurance as you don’t want to have to fork out huge sums of money to have it fixed.


There are various fashionable sunglasses available. Follow the lead of fashionistas worldwide and find the shades that are right for you, frame your face perfectly, and help you to achieve your alluring aesthetic. Shop for your face shape to accentuate your best facial features, and remember that sunglasses are a fashion accessory as well as a means of protection against the sun’s rays. With this said, ensure your sunglasses are polarized to cut glare and that they’re assured to be 100% effective in blocking out UV.

Keyrings And Fobs

Many companies have a charming array of handmade keyrings that can adorn your keys, just as others have charms of gold in decorative designs. Think about merging elegant simplicity with functionality in the form of some keyring options to really personalize your bag. Think about having your keyring personalized in gold stitching with your own initials or those of your partner, or your children, for example. Accessorizing has never been easier with various ranges of practical keyrings available as well, that incorporate mini-mirrors, for example.


There are many makeup brands that deliver compact options of their various products that will fit in your handbag nicely. Make sure you are ready for everything whilst you are on the go and have a mini make up bag within your handbag complete with all you need. You could even pamper your skin and use makeup brands that only create cosmetics free from artificial colors and preservatives, and focus on delivering products crafted from natural and organic derivatives. Always try to buy products that aren’t tested on animals and are hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin.

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