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How to Build a Motorized TV Lift Cabinet

Posted by Luxify

31 March, 2020

How to Build a Motorized TV Lift Cabinet

How to build a motorized TV lift cabinet doesn’t require you to have studied rocket science. It’s quite simple, you only need a cabinet for your popup TV setup and a little money, effort, and patience.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a custom-made already built TV cabinet or you can build it from scratch on your own. You could even spend more on the readily built furniture or use a piece of furniture that is sitting in your garage or storage place.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to make a motorized TV lift cabinet.

1. Building the Main Part of your Cabinet

The first thing that you are going to embark on is building the main structure of your cabinet. This will differ from each project, as the determining factor is the cabinet you have or have already bought. However, you want to assemble the cabinet to have a clear picture of what needs modification before fitting your motorized lift.

2. Liftable cabinet top or Pivoted

There are a couple of options out there for you. There is the hinged or pivoted. The most preferred and cheap is hinged. Not saying that the pivoted isn’t suitable. It all depends on what you want and your pocket.

If you don’t set it up right, you’ll have the top section of your cabinet popping up with your TV. Should you choose a liftable or pivoted cabinet top, both work well as long as there is an opening for your screen to pop out.

3. Mounting the Motorized TV Lift Column

Mounting the motorized TV column inside your cabinet is the next thing. You could require leaving a little space for adding a backing, but it all depends on your setting and preference.

You’ll want to ensure that your motorized TV column has a very firm support on the base. Depending on your cabinet, the bottom needs to be sturdy, as you don’t want your whole constructions tumbling over.

4. Finishing your Cabinet

Now that you have finished building your cabinet, it’s not time to fit in your drawers (front drawers). The attachment can be done from behind ensuring that no evidence is found (in case you are using nails).

5. Mounting your TV and the Final Touches

The next thing that you want to do is to get your TV mounted onto the motorized lift. It is very straightforward since many TV mounts are universal that come with the motorized TV lift kit.

You’ll need to place the power/control box inside your cabinet and the cable to the motorized, then you should plug the power box to the wall of your cabinet (inside). You are now underway and with a switch of a button, it beams up to life.

How to build a motorized TV cabinet is as you have seen is as simple as snatching candy from a baby. Now your TV lift is ready for use and you can comfortably test it to see if there are any faults.

If your question is “I don’t know how to build your own TV lift cabinet?” don’t worry. There are many tutorial videos online. The main part that you’ll have to get is the TV lifts for cabinets. They can be found from registered and authorized dealers.

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