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IWC Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia: A Masterpiece 10 Years in the Making

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31 March, 2020

IWC Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia: A Masterpiece 10 Years in the Making

To say that IWC’s Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia is a luxury watch is an understatement. Its 1 year manufacture time is matched only by how long the watch took to be designed.

Having taken 10 years to design, the Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia is perhaps IWC’s finest and most complicated watch. The Sidéral Scafusia has many features and is made with all the quality expected from IWC Schaffhausen. However, what truly makes this watch special is its most innovative feature: The celestial chart.


On the reverse side of the Sidéral Scafusia is a Celestial Chart that plots the exact movements of the heavens over a coordinate of your choice. All year long, the movements of the heavens will be plotted out for you along with sunrise and sunset, every single day. In addition to the celestial chart, the reverse side of the watch has a perpetual calendar that accounts for leap years, indicators for the time of sunrise and sunset, and the reverse side even dims or brightens for night and day, respectively.

The front face of the watch is just as impressive. In addition to the standard dials for time, the front face includes a dial for sidereal time, a time scale used by astronomers to find stars in the sky. Aside from the dials for time, the face also has a meter for the watches 96-hour power reserve. The Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia is a hand-wound watch. However, the watch comes with its own case that contains an automatic watch-winder. The watch itself only needs to be wound twice a week to ensure continuous operation.


The watch’s movement is perhaps one of IWC’s most complicated and latest designs. Its design along with the movement for the astronomical module is the main cause for the Sidéral Scafusia’s long development period. The watch is extremely accurate and takes years till it needs to be recalibrated. For example, the dial for sidereal time deviates from actual sidereal time by only 11 seconds every year, an extraordinary feat of engineering for sure.


The Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia can be customized with over 200 different combinations. The customizations are primarily for the material of case, the straps, and the colour of the different appliqués, straps, and casing of the watch Thus, when you buy the Portuguese Sidéral Scafusia, you are buying a watch tailor-made and unique to you.

Whether you are an astronomer, either professional or amateur, or you simply want to be reminded of the night sky of your hometown, the Sidéral Scafusia is definitely a watch to buy.

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