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How to Select the Correct Subwoofer?

Posted by Luxify

31 March, 2020

How to Select the Correct Subwoofer?

By adding a subwoofer,this can really improve the audio system’s performance. If you like enjoying sound effects,then you will be looking for a subwoofer. When you think about a car subwoofer,then you may get an image of a bone-shaking and tooth-rattling bass. There is much more to subwoofers then simply this.

When it comes to low-frequency sounds, these tend to be a huge part of all kinds of music. Thereforeany sound system should be able to properly hit the low notes like it does the high ones.

Some kinds of music benefit more from some great sub in comparison to others, adding quality bass may bring the car stereo to life.

There are some things that you need to look at when wanting to add a subwoofer to your present car speaker setup or even if you wantto start from the ground up. Read on to find out more.

The Size of The Subwoofer Is Important

It is the size that is one factor which will determine how loud as well as low the sub can go. Bigger subs give off better bass, therefore remember this when trying to find an ideal unit. In automotive sound systems, space also tendsto be something to consider.

You need to measure everything before getting a sub. For those who wish to get a bold bass, then the biggest subwoofer which will fit properly in the present space is the one to consider.

The Type of Enclosure

The kind of enclosure you select is also vital. The enclosure that is often referredto as the box is simply this. It is a box which has the subwoofer. You can get a sealed, ported or also bandpass enclosure.

When wanting bass which is reallydeep then select a sealed enclosure. Sometimes a smaller sub within a good and sealed enclosure will actuallygive off deeper bass in comparison to a larger sub present within an open enclosure. This kind of enclosure tends to be good for tight and accurate bass.

Ported as well as bandpass enclosures often give bass which is not as deep. They nevertheless give a louder sound.

There are even subwoofers explicitly made to function without an enclosure. When it comes to these subs, they are often mountedto some board which gets installed inside your trunk. Your trunk needs to be relatively airtight as it behaves like the enclosure.

You also need to consider power, sensitivity, frequency as well as impedance when looking for the perfect subwoofer for your car. It is better to do your research by looking at the different subwoofers before you go and get one. You do not want to end up wasting money.

Also, have a look at reviews to get an idea of how a subwoofer is. If you are for instance interested in the Fosgate P3D4,then look at its reviews before you go and buy it so that you can know if it will work for you.

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