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Custom Cigar Cutter - Roswell by Conocedor Luxury Cigar Accessories

Posted by Legend Helsinki Bespoke Luxury

15 May, 2020

Custom Cigar Cutter - Roswell by Conocedor Luxury Cigar Accessories

Price On Request

Roswell cigar cutter by Conocedor Finland. Please visit our website: [CONOCEDOR.FI]( for more luxury cigar accessories and our other [LUXIFY LISTINGS]( for more unique luxury items.

The Roswell cutter's timeless design is a mixture of classic and modern. The mirror polished surface reflects light in an appealing way and this is further enhanced by the elegant parallel and perpendicular convexes of the streamlined design.
The blades are made of Damasteel stainless damascus steel with the "Odin's Eye" pattern. The blades undergo a meticulous heat treatment process which consists of several stages and are afterwards sharpened by hand with our unique sharpening method, ensuring ideal sharpness unmatched by any other cigar cutter. These processes are done by our experienced knifesmith.

The handles and body are CNC machined out of high quality durable stainless steel.
The polished finish of the body and the blade together with our completely frictionless and durable locking system ensures that the action is as smooth as possible and that the blades stay closed when the cutter is not in use. Visit the features section to find more info about our cutters.
The hand engraved logo and serial number reflect the uniqueness and amount of work in each cutter.

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