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Champagne 999

Posted by Champagne 999 GN

15 May, 2020

Champagne 999


**_First, send us (to the dealer) a message to apply for a password to become member of the Champagne 999 community._**

Champagne 999, the house that gives voice to the creative artists whom

are the cellar-masters and oenologists.

999 is not just the price of the bottle, or the year of creation of the

Champagne region or the number of days (2 years, 8 months and 26

days) of a relationship to celebrate; it is above all a champagne of

excellence, rare and exclusive.

The promise is not to reproduce the same characteristics every year

but to develop exceptional vintages. Discover and enjoy the best of

Champagne, selected and elaborated by the greatest cellar-masters

and oenologists with Richard DAILLY as conductor. In very limited

editions (99 or 999 bottles), its distribution remains exclusive,

accessible only to a community of amateurs, privileged, initiated,

collectors, connoisseurs or investors.

In few words, an exceptional tasting experience and unique to each

vintage. Beyond the perfect gift to offer to surprise, to stand out and

to make a difference, 999 is taking you on a trip to go beyond a house,

beyond a terroir; Beyond!!!!!

A fantastic champagne for exceptional moments.



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