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Godet VSOP Gastronome Cognac

Posted by Cognac Expert

15 May, 2020

Godet VSOP Gastronome Cognac


Brand: Godet Cognac

Godet Gastronome VSOP Cognac is a 100% Fins Bois, single estate delight. Not only is this a great quality cognac, but it has a truly interesting history as well.

The creation of Godet Gastronome was in 1838, when Augustine Godet crafted this ultra-dry VSOP that was intended to perfectly aid digestion after a good meal. The house of Godet continued to create this well-received cognac for almost two centuries. Then, in 2016- some 5 generations later - the 3 Godet brothers decided to give it a modern re-touch. They didn't mess around with the craftsmanship - instead, they took the challenges of today, namely climate change and environmental issues, and made Gasronome into a fully organic product.

Cognac age: VSOP

Growth area: Fins Bois

Bottle size: 700ml

ABV: 40%

Age (maximum): 14 years

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