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Posted by Carl Hansen & Son

14 May, 2020


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When Mogens Koch drew the first lines of his bookcase system in 1928, he created a shape which has been copied again and again all over the world. The system with its square bookcase units offers almost endless flexibility with countless elements. Characteristic of both the design and the craftsmanship are the beautiful dovetail and rabbet joints, which create strength and stability in each module.

A 2/3 reversible bookcase measuring 76 cm x 50,6 cm x 27,7 cm (D) with four sections. It can be used both horizontally and vertically. This bookcase is also available in depth 36 cm.The bookcase can be wall hung or placed on a leveled 2/3 Plinth I or a fullsize Plinth I. Designed by Mogens Koch.

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