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Table lamp 6P2 by Paolo Tilche for Sirrah, 1968

Posted by Palainco

14 May, 2020

Table lamp 6P2 by Paolo Tilche for Sirrah, 1968

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Table lamp model 6P2 designed by Paolo Tilche in 1968 and produced by Italian lighting manufacturer Sirrah.

A very special feature of the design is the front, consisting of two rotatable glass shields with various cellophane pieces in between. The idea behind this lamp was discovered by chance. Paolo Tilche in a Sirrah catalogue: "It happened one summer's day. The cigarette packet cellophane ended up between two pairs of Polaroid glasses. It gave off dazzles of colour. Turning the glasses polarised the light and my attention."

This feature makes each lamp unique as: "Rotation of the shield produces an infinity varied range of chromatic effects. Moreover, the compositions are free and can be altered as desired."

The metal frame is as well adjustable, enabling the lamp to shine in different directions. Although shining... Paolo Tilche considers model 6P2 more as an object than as a lighting element: "It is not a lamp, but a variable vision in the composition of structures with a brightly coloured light."

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