US$1,645.57 Our wonderfully different chandelier is created entirely from fabric. It is tied at the top and its long shape fans out as it extends towards the floor. Its light beige colour, with delicate brown trim, perfectly complements the rest of the Angelique collection. The result is a beautifully soft and elegant finish to a room, using soft light to create a relaxed ambience. - Weight: 12kg Every young girl is a curious observer of the world around her, with a keen interest in the latest trends and styles to inform her developing aesthetic sense. Our Angelique collection, with its elegant and whimsical persona, allows her to be queen of her corner of the home. The collection is characterised by a charming young woman dressed in period clothing, an artistic dreamer with a love of glamour, luxury and detail from the age of elegance. That's why each piece is custom-made by craftsmen from the finest quality materials and hand-carved, painted and embroidered in sumptuous detail. A palette of powder, beige, gold and ivory creates a mood of quiet sophistication, allowing the exquisite detailing to come to the fore. This is a Bespoke item; please read our Terms and Conditions for Bespoke orders. Contact Gigi Brooks' Customer Services if you have any questions or would like to discuss your design options with one of our team of specialists. DIMENSIONS: WIDTH: 80CM DEPTH: 80CM HEIGHT: 120CM
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Designer Carpet, by Piero Lissoni
US$11,448.00 SOHO - By PIERO LISSONI This limited edition carpet has been designed by Piero Lissoni and hand made in Sardinia. It depicts the island of Manhattan with a latitude line highlighting the SOHO district in red. The Sardinian weavers of the Zeddinai Company used Sardinian fleece wool and the traditional technique called 'annodato'. PLACE OF ORIGIN: Italy DATE OF...
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US$7,054.94 Our beautiful bed with magnificent headboard is one of the finest achievements of our bespoke-made Angelique collection. The gentle curves of the headboard resemble a huge ornate flower, hand-built with a solid-wood, padded box base with removable cover and spring included, and upholstered in the finest, most comfortable fabric. This features the delicate floral pattern of brown and beige...
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US$7,589.18 Those who have an appreciation of beautiful horses, fine artwork and superior interior design will love our hand-made painting headboard. It features an image of two horses which are looking directly at the viewer. They are both of a gorgeous chestnut-brown colour, each with subtle white markings on their faces. The dark brown background complements the colour of the...
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US$3,149.21 Standing tall and graceful the Alexus Standing Lights soft chocolate brown shade, checked with a delicate cream, warms the room as both a showpiece and a practical lamp for a gentle ambience. The elegant stand is finished in a pristine white featuring a beautiful cylindrical design, a truly majestic piece – typical of the stunning Alexus Collection. Filled with...
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