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1969 Mazda Luce

Posted by Gosford Classic Cars

07 May, 2020

1969 Mazda Luce


The Mazda Luce (pronounced ru-che ) M13P was the Rotary release of the Luce 1500/1800 models and manufactured from 1969 through until 1971 available in a Coupe only.

A design by the famous Italian car designer Giorgio Giugiaro whilst working for Bertone at the time. A Japanese domestic release the RX87 R130 had low production figures of 976 over the 3-year build period with under 200 remaining today this an extremely rare rotary.

Fitted with Mazda's only rotary powered front wheel drive 13A 126Hp twin-rotor Wankel in a longitudinal mounted layout. Coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission, this innovative design allowed for a smooth, high-powered performance vehicle. Featuring an independent front and rear suspension, these cars offered exceptional handling performance, capable of reaching a top speed of 190KMPH.

Only available in 2 colour choices white and yellow this unrestored yellow example was recently imported from Japan. This beautifully styled coupe with headlights that tuck neatly into the front bumper and graceful lines stands as one of Mazda's most aesthetic body releases.

The Super De Luxe cloth trim in brown contrasts beautifully over a black dash of full instrumentation. The simplicity of the cabin design offered a spacious driving experience as one of the largest passenger cars offered in Japan at the time. The door trims have the original plastic over them, and the braking system has recently been re-done.

The Super De Luxe release of the coupe was the most expensive Mazda among its passenger line-up and featured air condition, power steering and power windows. This top of the line release also included cloth trim, power brakes and RX-87 badging making these distinctive across production against the lower specification releases.

The very special 13A rotary fires into life first go and has the distinctive rotary exhaust brap with excellent performance.

In original condition this is an extremely rare vehicle with under 200 known left to exist making it a more exclusive vehicle than the Cosmo coupe of the same era. A rare opportunity to buy the most unique Mazda rotary produced.

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