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Amazon Fishing Trip

Posted by Jardini International

15 May, 2020

Amazon Fishing Trip

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Amazon Fishing Trip

This amazing trip is tailored made by Jardini International:

The tour group will meet in Lima (Peru). From Lima we will all fly together into Lquitos City. In Lquitos we will travel by seaplane 300km upstream to a very remote part of the Amazon in the UCAYALI River which is a tributary to BAGAZAN. This time of the year the waters are low and fish densely populate the small streams. There are many sand banks in the middle of the river which we will use to set up camp each night in remote parts of the Amazon. This will be a 7 day trip and will be a true Amazon experience. There will be qualified chefs on the trip and everything will be provided. We can upgrade boats, accommodation type, food and chef depending on the level of clientele we take on the tour.

In addition clients will have to option to opt in for Machu Picchu and/or Galápagos Islands as a tour on the end of the fishing expedition into the Amazon.


The tour will catch rare wild freshwater stingrays from UCAYALI river in the tributary of BAGAZAN in REQUENA.

You will have the opportunity to discover the Arapaima, known as the pirarucu in Brazil and the paiche in Peru, this South America giant is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. These fish grow to 2.75m and 200kg in size. After visiting an Arapaima farm, We will attempt to catch these in the wild parts of the Amazon.

Contact us directly for more information.

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