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Maple Speakers & Amp

Posted by Grovemade

15 May, 2020

Maple Speakers & Amp


We collaborated with industrial designer Joey Roth and harnessed the superior acoustic properties of wood to create clear and nuanced sound.

The speakers are machined out of solid wood and mounted on leather clad stainless steel stands.

Driven Design
We integrated a mathematically ideal horn directly into the enclosure. The horn boosts the speaker's low frequency response without the group delay and phase distortion inherent to the more common bass reflex enclosure. This design allows for the removal of digital signal processing creating clear sound unencumbered by interference.

A: The full-range driver reproduces the entire range of frequency information.

B: The enclosure has no parallel walls or flat surfaces. Like a concert hall its internal geometry eliminates standing waves that cause distortion.

C: The back-loaded horn reinforces the speaker's bass response.

The Grovemade Speaker is our most challenging to make product yet. Crafted one at a time in our workshop in Portland, Oregon, the speaker requires hours of CNC machining and skilled hand forming.

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