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Qlock two black acryl english

Posted by The Frozen Mountain

15 May, 2020

Qlock two black acryl english


45 x 45 cm

Now it is possible to read the time instead of looking at it. A charming typographical solution. Available in various colours and one stainless steel version on a white case. The front panels are easy to exchange and the time is easy to set.
In the languages: German, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, French, Italian, Swiss, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish.

Qlock two acryl 45x45cm €885.-
Acryl front panel 45x45cm €95.-
Qlock two RVS 45x45cm €1085.-
RVS front panel 45x45cm €295.-

Power cable (7 colours) €34.50

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