Timbre Relic Turquoise
US$540.00 Timbre Relic TurquoiseUsed and worn like your favorite pair of jeans the relic series has the mojo of a guitar that's been gigged for years. Worn finishes, aged parts, rusted hardware and nostalgic colour combinations give it the vintage vibe.
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Timbre Classic Camphor
US$765.00 Timbre Classic CamphorCamphor Laurel was introduced to Australia in the early 1800's and has beautiful rich veins and a fresh aroma. Camphor has heavily infested much of the east coast of Australia including the Brunswick Valley and is now considered a noxious weed. By using the discarded camphor timber we're helping to preserve the native Australia bush lands.Grain matched...
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Timbre Relic Fiesta Red
US$540.00 Timbre Relic Fiesta RedViva Mexico. Inspired by our friends south of the boarder the Fiesta Red TIMBRE Relic has the heat of hot chilli salsa.The red distressed paint matched with a tan leather handle and rusted grill gives this speaker the style and swagger of a Mexican Vaquero.
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