US$180.00 Some routines feed our anxiety. Such as leashing our smartphone for fear of running out of battery. We agitate ourselves with messy cables that are too short, plugs that don’t fit and chargers that go missing.That was until Pebble. Now, it’s time to put down your phone and let it charge with graceful simplicity. Turn this routine into a...
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Touch Slab
US$129.00 Multi touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keypad made from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood. Compatible with any Mac OS, Windows 7 or 8 computer equipped with Bluetooth. Please allow 1 week for preparation
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Board 2
US$129.00 Portable wireless keyboard handcrafted from single piece of solid premium wood.Works with all Mac computers and iPads.Also with any Windows device equipped with Bluetooth.
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