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DM-012 Urban Brawler

Posted by Droog Moto

12 May, 2020

DM-012 Urban Brawler

Price On Request

Each year we offer a limited replica build series. This year, we are offering you the chance to own your very own Urban Brawler. The build starts life as a Kawasaki Ninja 650r. The 650r is a parallel twin 650 engine with tons of low end torque and the ability to get you past the unknown.

Our DM-012 build is along one of our top builds we have put out. It was built and equipped with many of the unique Droog features and style. It is menacing in appearance and has the performance to back it up.

The build will be built and styled off of our previous DM-012 bike. It will support all of the same features and characteristics you see on our website. The bike comes with a full performance and appearance upgrade. It features all LED lighting and adjustable aluminum rear sets for rider comfort. Paired up with new front forks and 1 1/8" handle bars you will be able to tack all obstacles in your path. The bike breathes in through a new high flowing air filter and exhales a brutal brawler sounds through the dual exhaust.

We are also offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING on this series for a limited time!

- You don't want to miss out on having this machine in your arsenal -

Send us a message or email and lets get started on building you your very own Urban Brawler!

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