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7th Art Palace

Posted by Kensington Luxury Properties

12 May, 2020

7th Art Palace


Located in the heart of Ouarzazate, this property is unique and absolutely exceptional. The 7th Art Palace is the result of the passion and work of its owner, a great movie producer who for 3 years in collaboration with the most talented cinema craftsmen created something exceptional. We discovered with admiration and surprise this palace, totally dedicated to some of the most popular movie productions which left their mark in cinema’s history as well as in the region, by choosing the captivating and stunning Ouarzazate’s landscapes as their film set.
The mansion is full of history and showcases sumptuous rooms and real pieces of cinema because of the presence of accessories belonging to some of the films which were used as inspiration for designing the property. Everything here has been handmade, from furniture to sculptures to mural paintings and lamps, while focusing on noble materials and exquisite ancient craftsmanship handed down over the generations.
The property features 7 suites, each one designed around one movie and respected in every aspect (from Cleopatra to Lawrence of Arabia and more recently Gladiator and Kundun), 1 large dining room, 2 spacious living rooms Moroccan and European, the later fully equipped with a home cinema system, a stunning entrance hall, a spa, a large kitchen, private quarters for the staff, a garage, a 414 sq.m terrace with views over the city and the Atlas mountains, a bar and cigar room all contribute to making this a truly special place.
Without doubt, a rare and unique opportunity in any part of the world.

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