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Board game KNIPS

Posted by KNIPS

15 May, 2020

Board game KNIPS


Offer YOU all copyrights (to be the only owners) for new luxury patented board game as a great tool to strengthen the business and marketing highlighting.
Have well tested it all over the world, got most highest reviews from companies as Hasbro and more.
As, it is luxury, with very difficult and aeshetic form (expensive in creation process) and materials, it could be great for some Hotel or Company to be like unique relic and client attractor (not for a large scale manufactoring).
For more information ( Presentation animation, full plays.
KNIPS logo and colors could be replaced by logotype of Your company.
There are many options for its usage:
1) As exquisite symbol,
2) Tool for marketing purposes,
3) Tool to consolidate and attract people in exciting way (clients, business partners etc.), like tournament system, presents and more.

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