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"Rees Rex" - T Rex skull

Posted by Theropoda Expeditions

15 May, 2020

"Rees Rex" - T Rex skull

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FORT PECK, MONTANA – Theropoda Expeditions, one of the United States’ top dinosaur exploration, preparation, and mounting companies, announced today its discovery of a specimen of the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex, nicknamed “Rees Rex”. Rees Rex was collected with a 94% complete skull with full dentition, and some ornamental skull bones which are rarely recovered from Tyrannosaurus rex specimens. It is one of the most complete and best quality Tyrannosaurus rex skulls to ever come to market and will be an excellent specimen for display and academic study.

“Rees Rex,” with one of the most complete and well-preserved skulls of any Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered, joins Theropoda’s collection of quality, rare dinosaur skeletons.”

Rees Rex was discovered in summer 2015 on a private ranch in Northeastern Montana from only a few scattered tail bone fragments weathering out from an exposed hillside. The skull was disarticulated before preservation which resulted in a virtually undistorted specimen that resembles only the most complete and famous Tyrannosaurus rex skulls featured at top museums. Rees Rex’s unusual patina and color variations are formed from the natural process of mineral leaching and give the specimen a unique presentation among Tyrannosaurus rex specimens. The skull was discovered with a partially preserved tail and ribs and is 28% complete as a skeletal specimen.

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