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Posted by Simpson Marine Brokerage

12 May, 2020



British designed and built, Prout Catamarans help shape the foundations for todays modern cruising catamarans. In 2014 this boat underwent a major refit including engine replacement and a new compact 6KVA generator with auxiliary 180 litre diesel tank. Since then Thida has been used to cruise extensively throughout SEA before returning to OMYC in May 2018\. She has performed wonderfully throughout this extended cruise often completing three to four day single handed passages. Her easy to handle rig allows all sailing adjustment (except gennacker) to be performed without leaving the cockpit, and cruising at 6 knots on one 75HP engine is more economical than using the original two 29HP engines to obtain the same speed. Under sail the twin KIWI feathering props allow a comfortable 7 - 8 knots to be maintained with a maximum speed of around 9 - 10 knots under ideal conditions.

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