USD $109,070,853
  United Kingdom

We are selling our UK company with unique registration number 08888880 for GBP £88 Million, and we are searching for potential buyers. It probably has the most auspicious company registration number formed from eights in United Kingdom, thus it is considered very valuable.

In today's capitalised world and economy, more businesses and startups appear and competition is getting bigger and bigger. Thus it is important to be different, for own pleasure and for business strategy purposes.

When having a nice number plate on the car, than it looks good and everyone admires it, so when having a nice company registration number, all other partners will admire it to and give more respect.

A car is more for fun, but a company is more for making money, thus the price of acquiring a unique company registration number in UK will be much higher than the price of a personalised number plate.

Why not have an ideal company number which represents your individuality, visions, thoughts and tastes. "If having money to enjoy, why not get the best. Empower the business fundament and culture."

Please visit for more detailed information explaining better what this is: www.08888880.co.uk

0 - Zero is basically a neutral number. It is also associated with the limitless and eternal Tao.

8 - The number eight is the luckiest number in Chinese, because it sounds like the word for fortune and prosperity when spoken aloud.

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