Time Machine -The Full-Scale Iconic Machine

  USD $802,701
  United States

Artist and filmmaker, Robert Niosi, spent 12 years creating this exquisite sculpture of the iconic Time Machine. Niosi has spent a lifetime honing his artisanal skills in metal spinning, woodworking, mold making, and more to bring H. G. Wells’ vision to life. The time traveler sits in a rare, antique, hand-carved 1898 Berninghaus chair upholstered in plush mohair velvet. As the Swarovski crystal and marble lever is pushed forward into the future or back into the past, multicolored lights on the console, engine, and beneath the Machine begin to glow. The sound of the generator swells as the five-foot diameter disc (with a hand-painted design and individually-crafted rivets and studs) begins to rotate. A hand engraved brass gauge is illuminated with the day, month, and year and as the traveler pushes the lever forward, the dates change with greater speed and the disc accelerates. This masterpiece includes many unique features such as a hidden drawer with antique artifacts from the 1890s, a secret compartment which contains the crystal lever used to control the Machine’s journey through time, and a one-of-a kind music box with original music composed by Russel Garcia for the 1960 MGM film. Made of noble materials such as bronze, copper, marble and mahogany, and with no detail overlooked The Time Machine, is an heirloom made to last several lifetimes. To see additional photographs of The Time Machine click here:


The construction of this artwork has become the subject of the new feature documentary film “How To Build A Time Machine.” To see a trailer of the upcoming movie, click here: https://vimeo.com/162407882

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