Harrier GR3 Jump Jet

  United Kingdom

Own An Icon - Classic British Cold War Era Harrier Jump Jet.

Stunning ex Royal Air Force (RAF) Harrier GR3 Jump Jet aircraft with great provenance. Very complete aircraft with engine installed and cockpit in superb order. Electrically live and successfully engine ground run in March 2016. MOD F700 logbook included.

Ultimate Aviation Collector's Item/Display Piece

Ex Royal Air Force (RAF) Germany aircraft with 4 Sqn special markings applied to the tail fin. This aircraft served with all RAF Harrier Squadrons: 4 Sqn, 1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 233 OCU, 1453 Flight in the Falklands in 1982. The nose is marked up with the pilot's name "Capt L Y Ching" an Ex USAF exchange pilot.


Engine: One Rolls Royce Pegasus Mk103 vectored thrust turbofan producing 21500lb static thrust with four chain driven variable incidence engine nozzles actuated by high pressure bleed air motor.


Maximum speed at sea level 1186Km/h (737mph).

Dive limit MACH 1.3

Service ceiling 51,200 ft.

Strike radius 230 miles.

Ferry Range without in flight refuelling: 2340 miles.

Max Vertical Takeoff weight: 8165 kg (18000 lb).

Weight: Basic empty: 5,579 kg Max take off: 11,340 kg

Dimensions: Wingspan 7.7m (25ft 3 in). Length 13.87m (45ft 6 in). Height 3.45m (11ft 4 in). Wing area: 18.68 sq m (201.1 sq ft).

Fuel capacity: 630 gal (865 tr).

Last Flown: 31/8/90.

Total aircraft hrs: 3336.

As this is an ex-military aircraft any sale will be subject to UK export control approval. All weapon systems have been removed prior to decommissioning. Please contact us to discuss potential export to your country.

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Condition pre-owned