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The Premium White Diamond

  USD $1,500,000

Among the most elusive breeds in the world, Premium White Diamonds are fish rarer than precious gemstones. The Premium White Diamond is the result of a genetic mutation within Australia's native Barramundi species that occurs in merely a few instances. This seldom-seen fish - considered by many an unobtainable dream - is now available in extremely limited quantities exclusively from Jardini International.

Undeniable beauty and exceptional rarity make these attention-grabbing fish one of the most awe-inspiring and sought after varieties available. With so few individuals produced each year, Premium White Diamonds can only be made available to a small group of fish keepers.

Through selective breeding in a controlled environment, Jardini International exclusively facilitates the unique creation of these beautiful fish.

Under normal conditions, fry of this species are indistinguishable from one another at birth but on occasion (1 in 8 million) fish will display a rare platinum pigmentation as they begin to mature to adults. A radiant white diamond pigmentation in this species results from an occurrence rarer still: the successful mating of two hand selected platinum fish.

However, even when such mating produces offspring, pure white diamond pigmentation is still not guaranteed.

Quite understandably, successful production of Premium White Diamond offspring is an extreme rarity so infrequent that it is considered random in fisheries as well as in nature.

In spite of this natural paucity, Jardini International is pleased to offer limited quantities of selectively bred Premium White Diamonds to collectors who are eager to count themselves among the world's most exclusive group of fish-keeping enthusiasts by adding this elusive variety to their collections.


Premium White Diamonds embody impressive historical and cultural significance in their native region.

Known to Australia's indigenous people for centuries, the barramundi features prominently in the country's native legends. One such legend tells how an ever-elusive barramundi leapt over a fishing net and, while doing so, shed scales that later turned into diamonds. The allusion found in this allegory is sound, because the Premium White Diamond truly is a precious gem among aquatic life forms, in terms of both its rarity and its luster.

Each Premium White Diamond carries with it the rich history of Australia's Indigenous people, serving as a living connection to an ancient spirituality rooted in nature. One look at this regal, expressive, and conspicuous fish and the onlooker gains an appreciation for all the storied history with which the species is inexorably linked. This makes the Premium White Diamond a conversation-starter as well as a companion for its owner.


The Premium White Diamond is an emotive, animated, and attractive fish that inspires wonder and invites attention. The variety is also highly intelligent and remarkably responsive. These traits, along with the Premium White Diamond's striking appearance, elegant movements, and large size make it the discriminating fish keeper's ideal companion.

Premium White Diamonds, like all barramundi, can live for up to 25 years, making them the perfect long-term companions for owners of sizeable tanks, pools, and ponds. Additionally, Premium White Diamonds are versatile and can live in freshwater, brackish, and marine environments.

Although the mutation that causes radiant white pigmentation in barramundi is indeed quite rare, the species typically lives in large schools, making the Premium White Diamond an incredibly social fish with others of its kind and people alike. For this reason, the ideal environment for the Premium White Diamond is one that is large enough to support its wellbeing alongside other pure white or plain barramundi cohabitants.

Long-lived and surprisingly intelligent, the all-around impressive Premium White Diamond unfailingly situates itself as the crown jewel of any collection in which it resides. Sure to mesmerise guests and inspire conversations for years to come, this exquisite creature is perfect for the collector in search of an ornamental aquarium fish that simply cannot be ignored.


Jardini International has spent years conducting DNA research into the ideal biological and environmental conditions for producing Premium White Diamonds. As a result, our selective breeding process allows us to offer this incredibly rare ornamental fish in limited quantities. In light of the difficulties found in commercially producing pure white barramundi offspring, even in a controlled environment, Jardini International is proud to furnish, for the serious collector, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a fish rarer than diamonds.


Rarer than diamonds, you now have the opportunity to own one of the world's rarest and most sought after fish. With a worldwide quantity in the single digits, owning a Premium White Diamond will place you among the World's most exclusive group of luxury fish owners, and will be sure to position you as the desire of all of your associates.

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