Lamborghini Diablo: Fast & Furious
A feat of art and engineering, the Lamborghini has received accolades from car enthusiasts for its sleek silhouette, powerful build, robust engines and unparalleled performance. Established in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, an affluent businessman, his wealth of experience in previous industries equipped him with the expertise and poise to build a luxury sports car empire […]
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Superyacht M
This radically designed 40m superyacht has been built by Bilgin Shipyard, one of the best luxury shipyards in Turkey. H2 designed both the exterior and interior for an experienced yacht owner who was looking for a more distinctive superyacht. With its reverse X-bow the exterior is a combination of sharp creases and clean flowing shapes, […]
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Wine Investment Advices
Wine Investment is not linear by Peter Lunzer from Lunzer Wine Investments Ltd “While the Bordeaux 2009’s and 2010’s prices tumbled and pricing remains soft, the 2000’s are gaining ground” Too many people were sold the myth that all fine wine investment perpetually rise in value. The most gullible of all were the owners of the […]
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Mach2 Foiling Moth
Mach2 is a complete package, the fastest design that has been carefully thought out and beautifully executed. The Mach 2 is perfect, whether you want to win a Moth World Championship or simply have the most fun on a sailing boat that it is possible to have” John Harris – 2008 Moth World Champion “The […]
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Hermès Birkin: The Epitome of Class
Hermes Birkin Hermes Birkin : Originally a saddlery company founded by Thierry Hermès, his signature brand has evolved into a fashion powerhouse defined by its fine craftsmanship and impeccable taste. From producing saddles, whips and spurs in 1837, their product lines have since expanded to include jewelry, scarves, home decor and apparel. Their timeless aesthetic […]
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Submariner Rolex: The Art of Time
Submariner Rolex In addition to being identified by its signature red double-decker buses, quaint telephone booths and its monarchy, London is also the birthplace of Rolex. Hans Wilsdorf who envisioned wristwatches during an epoch dominated by pocket watches founded Rolex on the premise of creating polished watches that would convey the accurate time. After mastering […]
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