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Sakura Kirakira 180 ml

Posted by dekanta

15 May, 2020

Sakura Kirakira 180 ml


You have most likely heard the term 'cherry blossom' or 'sakura' - a pink, beautiful flower that, weather permitting, has a peak blooming period of just a few weeks; it is such an important part of Japanese symbolism.

This special seasonal bottle, celebrating the spring season is made by a small, lovely alcoholic drinks maker, named Kitaoka, which is located in Nara - Japan's oldest region near Kyoto. Kitaoka makes all sorts of wonderful Japanese drinks, including sake, shochu, and liqueurs.

This bottle even contains a bloomed sakura flower, and should look quite wonderful wherever it is seated, not to mention the fact that it’s also deliciously sweet and enjoyable to drink. We recommend you get at least two - one to drink and one to keep!

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