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TYPE 0.1

Posted by Autofabrica

12 May, 2020

TYPE 0.1

Price On Request

Born out of a sense of adventure, the Type 0.1 was inspired by the dreams we had as children; imagination without boundaries.

In the spirit of things, the design naturally took one similar to that of the Type 3 and Type 7 adventure bike builds - with off road style and capabilities. The project has captured many peoples imagination young and old, it is difficult not to close your eyes and wonder what may be around the next corner.

This mini monster is still with Auto Fabrica and can be seen at the AF Headquarters - most of the time with someone giving it a test ride - most of the time, not a child.

* **Model : Italjet**
* **Frame : Lightened + De-Lugged**
* **Engine : Full rebuild**
* **Electrics: New wiring loom**
* **Exhaust: Hand bent mild steel**
* **Suspension : Front uprated internals Rear uprated shocks**
* **Wheels: 10" Front, 10" Rear**
* **Bodywork : Modified steel tank Custom seat**
* **Colour + Trim : Grey paint**

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