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Posted by Autofabrica

12 May, 2020


Price On Request

Acquiring this KZ400 with it's fantastic engine, the thought of creating a highly refined and understated design on this base was thought up. Alongside other commissioned work, the Type 14 was used to explore the refinement in all hand made parts and finishes, including a statement organically formed aluminium tank.

Effortlessly beautiful, the final product encapsulates all that is attractive in motorcycles and timeless styling.

The Type 14 will be on display in London - January 2018\. Details TBC.

* **Model : Kawasaki KZ400**
* **Frame : Lightened + De-Lugged + Re loop modification**
* **Engine : Fully rebuild, headwork tuning**
* **Electrics: New wiring loom Uprated headlight and tailight Led indicators**
* **Exhaust: Hand bent stainlees steel exhaust**
* **Suspension : Front uprated internals Rear uprated shocks**
* **Brakes: Upgraded front caliper Brembo front master cylinder Braided brake lines**
* **Wheels: 18" Front, 18" Rear Relaced with stainless steel spokes**
* **Bodywork : Custom Aluminium tank Custom seat**
* **Colour + Trim : Black paint Black suede leather seat with brushed aluminium detail**

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